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Effective Programme Management



At Targeting Innovation, we specialise in delivering efficient and effective programme management. With over 30 years of experience in managing and reporting on European Programmes, we have developed a strong approach to programme management that ensures high standards and meets all requirements. Our dedicated administration team utilises established processes to ensure efficient organisation and scheduling of work. Our program team structure is designed to support the effective delivery of services, reflecting our extensive experience in the field.

We have a diverse range of experience in programme management. We specialise in managing projects of all sizes, from small-scale initiatives to large-scale complex projects including management of national grant schemes, digital support across multiple areas, multi-disciplinary consultancy support throughout Scotland helping organisations to achieve their goals and improve their performance.

Targeting Innovation have designed and developed the Astranet® Platform, a powerful online project management tool. Developed with best practices in mind, Astranet® has been successfully utilised by a variety of public agencies and private businesses across Europe, including Enterprise Ireland, Intertrade Ireland, the Scottish Government, and multiple Enterprise Europe Networks.


Astranet® comprises two components: a public-facing website for project and program promotion and a back-office for project management and reporting. With this comprehensive platform, Targeting Innovation provides a proven solution for efficient and effective programme management.

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Discover how Targeting Innovation's expert team evaluated 1,425 grant applications for Scottish SMEs, resulting in over £5M awarded, and administered a successful Cyber Essentials Voucher Scheme for 360 companies. Streamlined processes and regular updates ensured a successful outcome.



Find out how Targeting Innovation's expert team created an efficient Management Information System for the Co-Innovate Programme consortium, logging over 2,000 enterprises and transactions to facilitate effective management and delivery. Real-time reporting ensures efficient progress monitoring.



Discover how Targeting Innovation successfully completed over 700 DigitalBoost projects and 400 workshops/webinars, delivering tailored support and training on various digital topics. Engaging and interactive delivery approach. Achieve your digital goals with our effective support.
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