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Our case studies highlight our expertise in digital transformation, innovation consulting and programme management.



Grant Management 

Targeting Innovation was selected by Scottish Enterprise to manage the evaluation of their By Design and Make it to Market grant applications, aimed at supporting innovation in Scottish SMEs through designing new products or services or developing existing ones for international markets. Targeting Innovation's expert team evaluated 1,425 applications, resulting in over £5M in grants awarded. The team worked closely with Scottish Enterprise, holding regular monthly meetings, to streamline appraisal processes and criteria for a more efficient and timely response to clients. Scottish Enterprise praised Targeting Innovation as a strong and responsive team of appraisers and project managers.

Additionally, Targeting Innovation was responsible for administering Scottish Enterprise's Cyber Essentials Voucher Scheme, aimed at supporting 360 Scottish SMEs in obtaining Cyber Essentials certification within a 12-month period. The delivery team made sure applicants received all necessary information, were informed throughout the process, and had their paperwork and evidence confirmed before payment was made to the company. Targeting Innovation recorded any issues and suggested improvements to increase efficiency in delivering the grant and regularly updated Scottish Enterprise on the project's progress and success. Accurate reporting was maintained through the clients CRM, which captured client feedback.


The Astranet® Platform

Targeting Innovation's expert team, with years of experience in implementing business and innovation networks, used their practical knowledge and systems perspective to create a successful and efficient Management Information System (MIS) for the Co-Innovate Programme consortium.


The consortium, part of the European INTERREG VA funded cross-border Research and Innovation initiative, aims to increase SME engagement in cross-border R&I in Northern Ireland, border counties of Ireland, and Western Scotland. The MIS is accessible through a web-enabled platform supported by Astranet® and can be accessed by over 100 registered users across the region. The system has logged over 2,000 enterprises and their interventions and financial transactions and facilitates the effective management and delivery of the Co-Innovate Programme. The secure platform provides real-time reporting and progress monitoring for efficient delivery.

“From the very outset the Astranet has proved to be an intuitive and very user-friendly system, delivering high-quality data presentation and reports with ease. The structure of the system makes it easy to navigate and add additional functionality.  Having the MIS makes it easier to do my job”


Planning to Start
Digital Innovation

Our innovation-focused consultancy has a proven track record of delivering real results. This case study showcases our work with the Business Gateway National Unit, where we were approached to create a solution that would encourage client engagement and provide a consistent introduction to national services. The result was Planning to Start, a dual-sided application that is easily accessible from a range of digital platforms, providing budding entrepreneurs across Scotland with secure access to the resources and expertise offered by Business Gateway.

In addition to the customer-facing front-end website, Planning to Start also includes a back-end administration tool for the Business Gateway start-up team. This tool allows for the efficient management of the national start-up service, with secure remote access through our cloud-based system. From April 2018 to June 2021, over 10,700 customers utilised Planning to Start to access the resources and expertise on offer, demonstrating the success of this innovative digital platform.


This case study highlights our expertise in driving digital transformation and delivering innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We are proud to have played a role in improving the experiences of both clients and staff of  Business Gateway and are dedicated to continued excellence in our work.


Effective Delivery of
DigitalBoost Support Since 2016


Targeting Innovation has been delivering the Scottish Government’s DigitalBoost programme across 13 local authority areas and has successfully completed nearly 1000 DigitalBoost 1-2-1 projects and in excess of 500 workshops and webinars.


The consultancy support covers a wide range of digital topics, tailored to the specific needs and goals of client companies. Our delivery approach includes a combination of assessments, planning, research, and implementation through 1-2-1 virtual or in-person consultancies of up to 3 days. We use the appropriate business tools and provide access to other support mechanisms to help clients achieve their objectives. In some areas, we also offer drop-in digital Surgeries for clients to meet with our specialists and receive information on their next steps.


Additionally, we have delivered numerous DigitalBoost workshops and webinars since 2016, providing training in various subject areas including SEO, Analytics, Website Creation, social media and all aspects of digital marketing.


Our administration team works closely with Business Gateway teams to schedule online coaching sessions, providing practical sessions to approx. 7 delegates covering a variety of topics and led by knowledgeable trainers. Our delivery approach is designed to be engaging and interactive, providing participants with valuable knowledge and actions to improve their business.


Targeting Innovation is committed to delivering effective DigitalBoost support on behalf of the Local Authorities, Business Gateway’s and COSLA and helping clients achieve their digital goals.

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