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Targeting Innovation is a reputable and experienced consultancy with over 30 years in the industry. As a digital and innovation consultancy, we assist the private sector in developing innovative products, processes and services and creating solutions for the public sector. We work on a regional, national, and international level.

Our services include strategic and business planning, partnership development, product innovation and digital transformation to accelerate development. Additionally, we collaborate with the public sector to implement innovation policies and programmes to enhance client and customer competitiveness.


We also provide expert consulting to companies engaged in technology transfer. Throughout our years of operation, we have supported over 5000 businesses with our specialised expertise and our dedicated team of experts across a variety of business support services to help them reach their objectives.


Our consulting team is composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have a proven track record of providing strategic business advice to SMEs through various support initiatives. Many of our team members have held senior positions in multinational companies or owned their own businesses in various sectors. To ensure we exceed delivery requirements, we also bring in associates with specialised expertise as needed. The depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise across our team allows us to deliver a wide range of innovation and digital support services effectively. With 30 years of experience in European Programmes, we are well-versed in providing high-quality programme management and communication. Additionally, we have a dedicated administrative team that ensures efficient organisation and scheduling of work through established processes.


At Targeting Innovation, our purpose is to improve society, rather than just benefiting shareholders. We strive to make the communities we serve better, more equitable, and more ethically responsible. We work with schools and businesses to achieve this goal. 


Targeting Innovation is dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our operations through continuous improvement. We aim to adhere to best practices and comply with relevant laws, while also promoting economic, social, and environmental benefits. Additionally, we work to promote the advantages of a low carbon footprint through our interactions with customers, clients and suppliers.

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